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Collin and his team are absolutely amazing, they care deeply about you and your case. They are very detailed and keep you updated on your case as often as possible. They always answer questions and are quick to respond. Not only is he a great person but he’s mainly an outstanding lawyer. My case went on for about a year and fought until it was successfully dismissed. If you or any family member requires an attorney, Collin is your man. I would recommend him with no hesitation. He officially saved my life, thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

– Krista H. 


Jan 2022

He did a great job on my case!

Because of Montgomery County courts the case took over 2yrs until they finally dismissed it.  The D.A. just doesn’t want to admit the police make false arrests or lose for some reason or other, plus they were making money off me with the monthly court fees they were charging me because of the stipulations of my bond.


April 2022 | by Shanda

Highly recommend – Collin Evans was absolutely amazing! I hired him for a DWI case and he was able to get my case completely dismissed! He treated me with respect the entire time and always kept me informed! Highly recommend him!


July 2022 | by anon

Collin helped me with a first offense DWI. I was nervous and unsure of what would happen. Collin and his assistant Gina worked diligently to ensure I was defended appropriately and coached me through the process. Great Lawyer. Thank You Collin & Gina.

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Going through the criminal justice system can be a stressful, frustrating, and anxiety-filled process. At the Law Office of Collin Evans, we are available to you 24/7. Our promise to clients: we will be honest with you. If you look at what our past clients have to say, you will see that we keep that promise. We strive to keep you constantly informed about the status of your case, the steps involved in our investigation, and the current applicable law. With our help, you will walk into court feeling prepared for whatever may happen.

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DWI is an opinion crime. One police officer who claims he sees red, glassy eyes, hears slurred speech and smells the odor of alcohol can take you to jail. Someone who just met you and knows nothing about where you have been, whether you have… Click here to learn more.

Drug Possession

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being arrested for drug charges, it is in your best interest to contact a reputable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Despite the fact that someone may be innocent of a drug crime… Click here to learn more.

Assault/Domestic Violence

An argument breaks out and quickly escalates. It happens between family members, spouses, and complete strangers.When the situation turns physical, the relationship between the people involved, the seriousness of any resulting injuries, and… Click here to learn more.

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or believe you are under investigation, do not talk to the police without first speaking to a lawyer focused on criminal defense. Law enforcement is not looking out for your best interest. What you say can and will be used against…Click here to learn more.


If you believe you are under investigation, do not talk to the police without first speaking to a lawyer focused on criminal defense. Law enforcement is not looking out for your best interest. What you say can and will be used against you even if you… Click here to learn more.

Suspended License

An Occupational Drivers License can help you continue to live a normal life in some of these situations, but hiring a lawyer for all of them is not always necessary. It is best to speak with an attorney experienced in dealing with license suspension… Click here to learn more.

Clear My Record

Oftentimes, there may be some mistakes that you may have made in your past that can seriously burden what you are looking to do in the present day, like getting an apartment or being considered for employment. Your criminal record. Click here to learn more.


Under Texas law, there are waiting periods for an expunction usually based on the statute of limitations for the charge. However, every counties District Attorneys Office has different policies, so, depending on your situation, the… Click here to learn more.


Are you struggling to get on with your life after successfully completing deferred adjudication? Upon completion of your deferred adjudication the charges brought against you should have been dismissed. However… Click here to learn more.

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From Our Clients

“It was almost a year ago when my son was arrested and charged with a felony. I thought his life was over, even though I knew he was innocent. Thank God for Collin, he navigated us through the murky waters of the judicial system with insight and caring. He kept us informed at every twist and turn. Not once did I feel that I was not being kept informed about every aspect of the case. In the end we all got what we wanted, a case that was dropped and my son’s future was intact. He also was able to expunge my son’s record earlier than expected. I highly recommend Collin.”
Juvenile Client's Father

“I had to go to jail twice because of a crazy girlfriend. Collin was my attorney in both cases. Not only did we win both cases, the first was not as easy as the second. The first charge went to trial, and Collin literally fought everyone in the courtroom that was against our cause, with no regard to the fact that he has to face these people long after I’m gone. He is very strategic and comforting as well. Even when you lose strength, he will not.”
Josh , Domestic Violence & Possession

I have had the best experience with Collin Evans and his firm. Collin told me exactly what he was going to do and followed through with every single detail he spoke on. He answered the phone calls and emails when sent. He took care of my expunction cases leaving me no stress at all. If you are looking for an attorney who means what he says and treats you fair? You don’t have to look any further. I promise this guy and his firm will take care of you!

W. Chavis - Expunction Client

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