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Expunge Criminal Records Houston, that’s just one of our specialties, and just by being here reading this, you are on your way to accomplishing that goal. One bad decision can create a criminal record which can affect the rest of your life. Even an arrest on your record can cause problems in your life when it comes to finding employment or a place to live.  Now the Internet has made it possible for anyone, including potential employers, landlords, banks and schools, to run a criminal background check on you.  The answer to whether or not you can clear your criminal record and put your past behind you depends on the outcome of your case.

If you are in this situation, you may want to know if there is something that can be done to make the consequences of that bad decision go away.  There are three different procedures under Texas law that may allow you to clean up your record:

  1. Expunction – Destruction of records
  2. Non-Disclosure – sealing records
  3. Sealing Juvenile Records

Houston criminal lawyer Collin Evans has helped hundreds of individuals clean up their criminal records.  If you or someone you know is currently looking for help with this kind of situation, give us a call to receive a free and confidential legal consultation to see what options are available to you. How would you like to know the feeling of finally having the burden of a criminal record off your back once and for all? No matter what phase of life you’re in be it school, work, family obligations, It’s a tough world out there as it is without having a record getting in the way of living a normal life without additional road blocks. Everyone makes mistakes.

Expunge Criminal Records Houston