How to Expunge a Felony in Texas

Clear Criminal Record Texas – For many Texans having a criminal record can have a dramatic effect on numerous aspects of daily life. The financial effects alone can be very burdensome. The law is clear that under certain circumstances it is possible to effectively wipe the slate clean and expunge criminal records, and we are here to help you make a convenient and affordable fresh start.

There are various ways that a case can be disposed of that would qualify for clearing the criminal records. To do so properly and without bringing about further financial effects, it is of critical importance to seek legal advice or representation from a recognized, yet affordable, professional. A case can be resolved to allow clearing of your name through dismissal of the case, an acquittal at trial or through a pardon. We are ready to work with you, we are licensed and qualified, and our rates are reasonable. We’ll even work out a payment plan for you!

Waiting Period for Expungement in Texas

Certain qualifications must be met to be eligible for expungement and some exceptions may apply in your case. Dependent on the nature and seriousness of the crime, it is necessary for a minimum period of time to have elapsed before it is possible to clear the record, for example:

If you were arrested, but no charges were filed against you there is a waiting period before filing for an expunction. If you’re looking for an expungement of class C misdemeanor records in Texas, including Houston and Harris County, you must wait at least 180 days. For class A and B misdemeanors a time-frame of one year applies. There also must have been no felony charge against the defendant relating to the initial arrest to qualify for wiping the criminal record clean.

Please also note that if someone has been charged with more than one crime stemming from the same incident, they may not be eligible to have their records expunged even if they were acquitted of one of the charges.

If your income is suffering and your criminal past is hurting your ability to make ends meet, please contact us. The process of expunction is not automatic, and it’s important that the petition be prepared correctly and all the proper procedural rules are followed. Begin the process of leaving your past behind. We are here to assist you with filing your petition for expunction, and our payment plans are easy and convenient. You only get one opportunity to clear your criminal record, so make sure to hire an attorney with experience.

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