Client Testimonials

“Knowledgeable & Trustworthy”

“It was almost a year ago when my son was arrested and charged with a felony. I thought his life was over, even though I knew he was innocent. Thank God for Collin, he navigated us through the murky waters of the judicial system with insight and caring. He kept us informed at every twist and turn. Not once did I feel that I was not being kept informed about every aspect of the case. In the end we all got what we wanted, a case that was dropped and my son’s future was intact. He also was able to expunge my son’s record earlier than expected. I highly recommend Collin.”

Posted by a Juvenile client's father

“I will use no else after two successful cases with Collin”

“I had to go to jail twice because of a crazy girlfriend. Collin was my attorney in both cases. Not only did we win both cases, the first was not as easy as the second. The first charge went to trial, and Collin literally fought everyone in the courtroom that was against our cause, with no regard to the fact that he has to face these people long after I’m gone. He is very strategic and comforting as well. Even when you lose strength, he will not.”

Posted by Josh, a Domestic Violence and Drug Possession client

“High Level of Professionalism”

“Collin had represented me in a dispute against a DWI charge in 2011 in Harris County. In total of we had met at the courthouse once a month for 6 months due to the case getting reset. I had missed a court appearance and he was able to reschedule for the next day. I later realized that my bond could have been revoked, and I could have been locked in jail. The next day, I showed up to the court appearance 30 minutes late, and I was put into handcuffs and escorted into this holding room outside the courtroom. Within 2 hours Collin came in and told me that our case was reset for next month. I can only image losing my job for being locked up, if I had not had Collin as my lawyer. I’m not sure how he did it, but I deserved to be locked up and I am grateful to this day for his dedication to fight for me.

Several weeks after the DWI charge was dismissed, Collin contacted me to see if I was interested in having this charge removed from my record. Within 3 – 6 months time, he had completed the expunction. During the time, he had kept me informed on the progress, which eased my mind. Because all I could do is wait. I had complete trust in Collin that he could deliver whatever he promised, so I had asked him to help remove a Deferred Adjudication on my record for a [possession of marijuana] charge in Travis County. Within another 3 – 6 months the expunction was complete.

I feel as if I have my life back and job security. I have learned from my immature behavior in the past, and now I can live without fear in the future when looking for jobs because my record is clean and the charges won’t show up on the background check. Thank you Collin”

Posted by a DUI client

“Case Dismissed, Thank You Collin!”

“A few years ago I was hit with an unusual set of events and legal charges. The ordeal was a challenge for me, yet life my has remained intact thanks to Collin. He successfully defended me, and the case was dismissed before going to trial. Collin always leveled with me, answered all my questions, and kept me informed with each phase. He educated me on protocols and alternatives, and provided excellent advice. My case was dismissed thanks to Collin’s strong application of the facts, his attention to detail, his knowledge of the legal environment, and his professional will to fight. Many thanks Collin, and all the best to you. Thank you for defending me.”

Posted by a client

“Client for Life”

“I recommend Collin to anybody needing defense. I ran into trouble when I was in college that could have left my degree worthless in terms of getting a job. After about 6 months from the case, we ran into each other while I was at work. He remembered my name as well as my case. I have since graduated and Collin was able to get a non-disclosure on my case. With his genuine personality, he has a client for life (although I’d prefer not to).”

Posted by a Felony Drug Possession client

“Produced Our Desired Results”

“Collin is an effective lawyer and, as we learned from our discussions and working with him on two separate cases, demonstrated a strong ability to develop a winning case strategy that produced the court decisions we desired. Collin worked diligently and conscientiously to ensure that we were well positioned to win our cases. His persistence and ability to understand and develop a solid game plan for both cases definitely paid off for us. We could not be more pleased with the results he achieved.”

Posted by a Juvenile client's father

“The BEST attorney!!”

“If you want a lawyer that is going to spend 110% on your case, then Collin is who you need to hire. I hired him on Friday and he had my case resolved by Wednesday- the day before the 4th of July. He worked on my case through the weekend, thoroughly answered all of my questions- even the ones I had at 9pm, and won my occupational license hearing. I couldn’t have been more impressed! Collin loves what he does and it shows through his performance. I would strongly recommend him to anyone that was looking to hire an attorney and would hire him again in a heartbeat! Thank you SO MUCH, Collin!!”

Posted by a DUI/DWI client

“Great Attorney!”

“Having Collin as my lawyer made an otherwise stressful experience seem like a breeze. He kept me informed throughout the entire process of handling my case and thoroughly explained the different options available to me. I could tell that he genuinely cared about the outcome of my case and worked his hardest to fight for me. When it came time to go to court, I walked in full of confidence knowing that Collin was more than qualified to handle my case. I hope I will not need professional legal services again, but if I do, I there is no one else I would rather work with than Collin.”

Posted by a client