Form SR-22 Help & Information in Houston

An SR-22 is a form that is filed with DPS by a person’s auto insurance provider. This form shows that a person is insured with the minimum liability required by law, and if at any time, the person causes their insurance to lapse, terminate, or cancel, the auto insurance provider must notify DPS. Once DPS receives notice that the policy is no longer in effect, driving privileges will be suspended. Most insurance companies will add an SR-22 to an existing policy for no charge or a small fee. However, there can be consequences to asking your current insurance provider for this form.  If a person does not own a vehicle, he/she can buy a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy.

An SR-22 is required to obtain an Occupational Driver’s License. The SR-22 must remain on file with DPS for the duration of the Occupational Driver’s License period.

An insurance card is not a substitute for an SR-22. An actual copy of the SR-22 has to be submitted to the court on or before the date of the Occupational Driver’s Llicense hearing. A copy of the declaration page showing that an SR-22 was added to the insurance policy will not be sufficient.

If you receive a DWI conviction, you will be required to keep an SR-22 on file with DPS for two years following your conviction regardless of whether you have an occupational license or not.

For more information on Form SR-22, please visit the Texas DPS website.