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Houston Criminal Attorney

Houston Criminal Attorney

The criminal justice system is a new world for many people and it can be scary to go through it without someone you trust. The choice you make in hiring a Houston Criminal Attorney will affect the outcome of your case. You could end up with more time in jail, having to pay thousands of dollars in fines and a criminal conviction on your record for the rest of your life without an attorney that knows how to defend you. An arrest, conviction or even dismissal of a criminal charge can radically change your life. At the Law Office of Collin Evans you get an attorney who knows your case is unique, and that it can affect your life in different ways. You get an attorney who spent four years working with three of the most well respected Board Certified criminal defense attorneys in the State of Texas before founding his own law firm. You get a lawyer who aggressively fights for your rights. You get an attorney who works tirelessly and strives to get positive results for your case.

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If you or your loved one just walked out of jail, you probably feel like your world has been turned upside down. You may have no idea what to do next. Finding a criminal defense attorney should be your first step, but it can be overwhelming. We recommend meeting in person with any attorney you might hire to make sure you feel comfortable with your representative. We strive to keep you constantly informed about the status of your case, the steps involved in our investigation, and the current applicable law. With our help, you will walk into court feeling prepared for whatever may happen.

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We offer free consultations so you can meet Collin Evans and decide whether he is the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Call 713-225-0650 today.

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