Criminal Justice Center Harris County Indefinitely Closed Due Flooding – A sign currently posted on the door of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center states that the building is closed until further notice due to flooding. Crews working countless hours used pipes to pump water out into areas that surround the exterior of the building while, at the same time, interior pumps were used to rid the building of flood and backed up sewage water.

According to officials, employees of the building were allowed inside to retrieve personal belongings that are important to them.

Kim Ogg, Harris County’s District Attorney, has relocated her office to multiple buildings across the city. Additionally, one county judge says that the government is fully operational, yet some county buildings will remain closed until further notice.

Along with the Criminal Justice Center (CJC), the Jury Assembly Building suffered a significant amount of damage. Both buildings are expected to be closed for at least eight months and rumors around the courthouses is it could take up to two years before the CJC reopens.

The county has obtained leases at other locations in order to allow the affected operations to work for the time being. No civil trials were held during the month of September, and felony criminal trials, resumed in October in the Civil Courthouse.  The county has also declared that potential jurors will be allowed to be reschedule their summons up to three times.

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