Criminal Lawyers In Houston – Collisions involving DWIs can not only cause horrible results due to the act itself, but they can also result in the driver responsible for the accident to be subjected to lawsuits if a someone is either injured or killed. Are you looking for criminal lawyers in Houston?

Dram shop laws allow victims of a DWI or their families to sue alcohol retailers or vendors for monetary damages. If a plaintiff is able to win a lawsuit against both the vendor and driver, compensatory damages are divided between both defendants.  Proving an alcohol vendor was at fault, however, is something that can be difficult. For instance, does a bartender know if someone has been drinking on an empty stomach, if the person was intoxicated before entering their establishment, or has a low tolerance for alcohol itself?

The plaintiff must be able to prove the following in court in order to successfully win this type of case:

*Proof that the establishment sold alcohol to the patron

*The patron was injured or killed

*Proximate cause involving the sale of alcohol and intoxication

*Intoxication being at least one cause of third-party damages

These types of laws also vary from state-to-state, as each typically will define specific terms in their statutes involving them. Currently, Dram Shop laws are in effect in a total of 43 states and the District of Columbia, while the following states do not have them:







*South Dakota


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