DWI Attorney Houston – It seems as if the DWI laws in Houston, Texas are getting harsher as time goes, and law enforcement is getting more tools to enforce them. In Harris County, prosecutors and judges are on call 24/7 to sign warrants to draw blood , if someone who is arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated refuses to give a sample of their breath or blood. Once the officer has the warrant in hand he will strap you to a chair and a nurse will stab your arm with a needle. All of this is an attempt for law enforcement agencies to send a message to offenders.

If you are that unlucky someone who is charged with DWI, DUI or BWI (boating while intoxicated), you may be facing some harsh penalties . A Houston DWI attorney with experience in taking these types of cases to trial knows the laws and the people trying to enforce them in this specific jurisdiction. A lawyer who knows the science behind the machines the government uses and who is skilled at explaining the problems with the machines to a jury can be a powerful ally. Hiring an attorney that does not have this type of experience could leave you dealing with the penalties of a DWI, DUI or BWI after pleading you guilty.

Penalties of a DWI Conviction

If you are in Houston and are searching for information and/or help because of DWI charges filed against you, a Houston DWI attorney can provide you with the representation that will help you get out of a tight situation.

There are several penalties that can be levied against someone that has been found guilty of a DWI. For example, a first time offender with a BAC below 0.15 will be charged with a misdemeanor, and the penalties range from no time in jail to up to 180 days and/or a fine up to $2,000. If the BAC is over 0.15 the penalty range increases to up to 1 year in jail and/or a fine up to $4,000. Depending on case, other possible penalties on top of jail time and fines could include:

  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Installation of an alcohol monitor on your vehicle
  • Wearing an ankle monitor that tests your body for alcohol
  • Living in a halfway house
  • Drug or alcohol treatment programs
  • DWI education class
  • Random drug testing
  • No longer going to bars or clubs

These are just a few of the punishments that you may have to deal with in the wake of a DWI conviction. In addition, this type of conviction will stay on your permanent criminal record forever. This may not sound that serious at this moment; however, you might be surprised how many people have access to your DWI records. For example, car insurance companies are privy to this information and do their best to avoid insuring people that have prior DWI records. As a result, you may be charge higher fees in order to deter your interest in being their client. Even your employment potential may suffer due to a DWI conviction.

Houston DWI Attorney Payment Plan

Are you interested in employing the services of a DWI attorney in Houston, but have no idea how you can afford it? Consider asking your lawyer if they will allow you to do a payment plan. In this way, you will receive the help that you need in a way that doesn’t break your bank. There are lawyers that will be happy to help you; all you have to do is ask.

If you have been charged with a DWI in Houston, it is very important that you obtain legal representation. There are DWI attorneys in Houston that have the knowledge to help you navigate the murky waters of the legal system, and who can defeat the charges filed against you in a court of law.