Sober Driver – Did you know that Texas leads the country in drunk driving fatalities and crashes? As a result, state troopers and local law enforcement officers are increasing their patrols and sending drunk drivers to jail. This increases the need for a DWI defense attorney in Houston. In addition, stricter penalties are being doled out, with punishments increasing with every DWI offense.

Drinking and driving can be a lethal combination. If you plan to drink when you go out, be sure to find a sober ride home. Don’t take the chance of hurting yourself, someone else, or getting arrested. This holds true no matter the amount of alcohol that you consumed. In addition, if a police officer believes that you are driving while you are under the influence, you can be arrested and taken to jail for a DWI no matter how low your BAC level.

Finding A Sober Driver On Your Night Out

There are a number of sober ride options available to you in the state of Texas:

Catch a Pedicab: Pedicabs are an economical, eco-friendly means of local transport and can be found in many cities in Texas, including Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and more.

Walk It: Not only does walking burn calories; when you are intoxicated, it can help you avoid getting charged with a DWI. However, it is important to note that, this option should be a last resort. If a police officer thinks you look drunk while walking home and thinks you could be a danger to yourself or others, you could possibly be charged with public intoxication.

Take Public Transportation: If you have been drinking, public transportation is also a great option to make sure that you get home safely. In fact, many cities in Texas have bus services that run quite late. If this isn’t a desirable option for you, you must remember that it’s better to sit in the back of a bus than in the back of a cop car.

Designate a Driver: Simply ask one of your friends or family members to be your sober driver on your night out. It may be easier than you think. With this option, you will be able to enjoy your night out with one huge burden off of your mind.

Send a Tweet: RideFinder is ride-sharing service that can help you find a designated driver. Simply send out a tweet #RideFinder, along with your need (detailed in 140 characters of less) to see your available options.

Call a Cab: Although catching a cab can be costly, it’s much cheaper than a DWI fine and more convenient than jail time or going to court. A first offense DWI with a BAC below 0.15 faces up to a $2,000 fine and 180 days in the county jail. That does not include the cost to hire a lawyer and potential pre-trial supervision fees.

Rent a Limo: If you would like to ride in style, renting a limo is always a great option for a special occasion. Using this option will allow you to fully enjoy your special day without fear of finding a safe way home.

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Sober Driver – Avoid all of the pitfalls that come with drinking and driving by finding a sober, dependable way home. The above list provides a ton of options, no matter your budget, that will ensure that you arrive home safely and without any legal penalties being inflicted.