There are some states throughout the country that have imposed more serious punishments for drunk driving charges involving aggravating factors and Texas is one of them. For a first-time offender in Texas, a DWI charge is considered a Class B misdemeanor and can lead to up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000.  Other factors and circumstances can raise the punishment to a Class A misdemeanor or even up to a felony and a DWI lawyer in Houston can help explain whether the following factors could increase your punishment:

*A blood alcohol concentration level that is 0.15 or greater

*BAC of 0.08 or more with a minor child under 15 years old in the vehicle

*Prior DWI convictions

*Driving a school bus intoxicated

*Serious injury/death

*Causing serious bodily injury to a peace officer, emergency medical personnel, firefighter or judge

If someone is stopped for drunk driving, they could end up facing additional charges if any of the following applies:

*They have no valid driver’s license

*Does not have an insurance policy

*Another individual was seriously/fatally injured or property damage occurred

Some of the most basic penalties associated with a felony DWI charge include the following:


*Community service

*Extensive probation term

*Higher fines

*Revocation of driver’s license for longer periods

*Ignition interlock device installation

*Holding vehicle in impound as evidence

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