Expungement Lawyer Houston- Texans with a criminal record worry about the far reaching effect it has on their lives. Fortunately, there is a way under Texas state law that allow people to have all the records relating to their arrest and criminal charges destroyed under Texas state law. This legal process is called expunction in Texas courts.  The results of an expungement for criminal offenses from one’s record provides an opportunity for that individual to leave his or her mistakes in the past.

There are various ways a criminal case can be resolved that make records of the matter eligible for expunction in some instances.  An arrest and charges must result in a dismissal, an acquittal at trial, or the successful completion of deferred disposition for certain types of charges.  If convicted of an offense, the only way to get the records expunged involves either a pardon or the case being overturned on appeal. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure sets out the specific conditions that must be met to become eligible.  In some instances, satisfying the conditions depends on the nature and seriousness of the crime.

An individual seeking to clear his or her record to wait for a minimum period of time before filing a lawsuit for an expunction.  If a person is arrested by law enforcement, but the prosecutor’s office does not accept charges the records of the arrest are eligible for expunction after 180 days for Class C misdemeanors, one year for Class A and B misdemeanors, and three years for felonies.  The details of applying for one of these  “waiting period” expunctions can be complicated and confusing.  Consulting with a skilled and experienced attorney who handles expunction cases is your first step towards getting an expunction of the records for your case.

Before making a move to begin the process of clearing your criminal record, seek guidance from an attorney who knows and understands the Texas laws regarding expunctions, as well as the local County and District Attorney’s policies for these cases. Seeking legal advice from a reputable attorney to help determine eligibility and file a lawsuit for expunction is key. The Law Office of Collin Evans has qualified expungement lawyers who can help you with the status of your criminal record. An attorney like Collin Evans who is experienced in handling expunction cases can advise you of the best approach to clear your criminal records. The Law Office of Collin Evans is a Houston-based law practice that serves counties throughout Texas in expunction matters, including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Walker County, Brazos County, and Brazoria County. The legal professionals of the practice are ready and waiting to answer your questions about Texas expunctions or other legal issues you might be facing. Collin Evans is an honest and dedicated attorney with over a decade of experience who is ready to provide legal counsel and assist you with all your needs. For a free consultation and more information about the legal services available, contact the team at the Law Office of Collin Evans online or by phone at 713-225-0650.


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