Houston Criminal Lawyers

Help Houston Criminal Lawyer Help – If you find yourself dealing with criminal charges, your new best friend should be your Houston criminal lawyer. It is your lawyer’s job to investigate the facts of your case, research the applicable law, and determine the best defense. There are several things you can do to assist your attorney through this process, and the following tips could potentially help your situation.

Keep The Attorney Informed

At the first opportunity, tell your lawyer everything you can remember that pertains to your case. Hand over any documents that may be helpful. If you are not sure if something is important, it is better to tell them than find out later that it was useful information that could have expedited your freedom. Your attorney’s job is to know what is useful or not. Let them decide whether something is needed. Remember, your attorney may be able maneuver around details that can hurt your case, but only if they know about it.

Carefully Prepare Information

Create a timeline of the events that pertain to your case. Your lawyer will ask for information in different forms. They may ask you to write down a timeline, summary or just notes of what happened. Keep in mind it is better to share more than necessary rather than not enough. Make sure what you write is accurate. Your lawyer will base your defense on what you tell them, along with their own review of the evidence, and it does not benefit you if the information you provide is fabricated. They may also ask for information they don’t have access to. Try to give them this requested information as quickly as possible.

Keep In Contact

Going through the legal system can take a long time, and there may be stretches during the process where you don’t hear from the attorney for weeks. They may be waiting on discovery from the government.  In DWI cases, forensic analysis of blood tests can sometimes take six months or longer.  In assault cases, it takes time to get copies of the 911 call. The lawyer may also be waiting on their own investigator to track down a witness for an interview or for documents from investigating the officers involved in the case. Be accessible for your attorney so that they can pass on to you any information that they discover—whether it’s just a phone call or at a meeting. Make sure the lawyer’s office always has a good phone number and email address to reach you. Getting the best result for you is a team effort and you are part of that team. Most meetings or events will be scheduled well ahead of time but be flexible and remember that the lawyer is trying to help other people dealing with similar problems.

Do What The Lawyer Asks

There is a reason why your attorney asks for something or asks you to do something. Remember, they have been around the block and done this many times before they accepted your case. It is also best to do whatever the task is quickly. Help your attorney do everything they need to do, and it may help you get the result you hope to receive.

Be Honest

Help Houston Criminal Lawyer Help – False information will not help you. You may see something as detrimental to your case but it is not your job to make that determination. Your attorney knows what to do and in most cases, has seen it before. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed about a detail of your case. Your attorney is a professional, this is their job, and in all likelihood they have heard something worse from a previous client and dealt with it. Don’t withhold information because you will only be hurting yourself.