Spring Break DWI – Texas may be a hot tourist attraction during spring break , but its high DWI rates during these times are forcing the Department of Patrol Safety into action. DPS is making it a priority to remove drunk drivers off of their roads. These patrols will be carried out in high-risk locations (like those with high concentrations of spring breakers) and at times when alcohol-related crashes are historically proven to happen. If you’re one of those people getting caught, chances are you have used, or you will need a * Houston DWI attorney *, or an attorney from a particular city in Texas.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Texas Department of Public Safety is increasing its DWI patrols during spring break due to the high number of college-age kids, military personnel, and other young people out on the road. This mixture, coupled with low tolerances for alcohol, adds to the already high number of DWI cases. The message is clear – drive sober. If you plan on drinking, get a designated driver, otherwise law enforcement will provide a ride for you – to jail!

During previous Spring Break enforcement periods, DPS officers made over 1,000 DWI arrests in Texas. Approximately 200 of these arrests came as a direct result of increased patrols. In addition, almost 20,000 speeding citations were given out along with: Over 3,000 seat belt tickets; Almost 25,000 other citations for various reasons; Over 800 fugitives were arrested; About 700 felony arrests were made.

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Know the Facts!

In the state of Texas, the legal drinking age is 21 . Any underage driver that has a detectable amount (no matter how little) of alcohol in their system is considered to be breaking the law. Those who decide to ignore the law and get behind the wheel while intoxicated are not only putting themselves in danger, but their passengers and other drivers, as well.If you plan on enjoying the Spring Break festivities in Texas, it is a good practice to have someone as the designated sober driver. This is true especially in places guaranteed to have high concentrations of spring breakers. In addition, it is important to be aware of how much you’ve had to drink, as well as making sure that you obey the speed limit and that you are not driving erratically.

What to Do When Pulled Over For Suspicion of DWI

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls that gets pulled over, don’t panic. Simply follow these simple guidelines to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible:

– Be as polite as possible
– Stay in your vehicle unless instructed otherwise
– Answer questions about your identity when asked
– If the officer starts asking questions about drinking, assert your right to remain silent
– If an officer requests a breath or blood sample, refusing to provide can can lead to your license getting suspended, but an attorney experienced with handling DWIs in Texas can potentially help you.

DWI Lawyer Near Me

Spring Break DWI – The best solution, if you’ve been drinking, is to avoid driving. However, if all your attempts to avoid a DWI charge go unheeded and you are arrested, it is important that you call a DWI lawyer as soon as possible. Doing so can possibly save your money, livelihood, criminal record and your freedom.