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Houston Juvenile Defense Lawyer Collin Evans can help if you have become the target of an investigation by Child Protective Services, also commonly known as CPS. It can be difficult to figure out exactly how to respond to CPS, mostly because literally anyone at any time can contact CPS for any reason at all and accuse a parent of one of the most unspeakable crimes known to man: abusing a young child. This is something that can result in parents losing custody of their children, which is an extremely painful situation that no one should ever have to go through. If this is something that you are currently experiencing, contact the law office of Houston Juvenile Defense Lawyer Collin Evans immediately to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. Together, we will work to protect all of your legal rights while, at the same time, monitoring every aspect of CPS’s investigation against you.

CPS exists to investigate all claims of alleged child abuse, as they are required by law to do. Even if the abuse allegations against someone are completely fabricated, CPS is still required to investigate the claims, and Houston Juvenile Defense Lawyer Collin Evans can help. In keeping with the subject of false abuse allegations, these are oftentimes made during disputes involving divorce and child custody, and are unfortunately common situations.

CPS will get involved in the following cases involving children:

*Physical abuse
*Sexual abuse
*Emotional abuse
*Protective orders
*Temporary removal
*Home inspections

The overall goal of CPS is to ensure that the well-being and health of all children are protected as much as possible. A worker with CPS will be assigned a case when it is reported, which parents are required to be notified of within 24 hours of the report being filed. Once this is done, parents are permitted and encouraged to ask the CPS worker to provide all of the necessary credentials and contact information. A case worker, however, is not permitted at any time to reveal the identity of the individual who filed the report with them. All of this will result in interviews being conducted with both the parents and the children, though these interviews are often conducted separately. In all cases, a CPS worker will choose to visually examine the child in order to detect any potential signs of abuse. Both the interviews and potential examination are allowed to take place during a time and at a place that is deemed to be reasonable enough. In addition, the CPS worker is authorized to transport a child to and from an interview if they wish to do so.

A CPS worker is also authorized at any time to obtain records involving any potential mental health and criminal issues involving the individuals who are alleged to have abused a child. Furthermore, the CPS worker is also permitted to speak with anyone, including other children who may reside in the home where the alleged abuse occurred, in order to obtain more information. In addition, the CPS worker may also refer the victim to the care of a mental health or medical professional.

If you ever find yourself to be the victim of any kind of child abuse allegations, the most important thing that you can do is cooperate with CPS in any and every way possible, as any kind of resistance will only result in a court order allowing the investigation to proceed anyway.

This is where Houston Juvenile Defense Lawyer Collin Evans comes into play. Collin is highly skilled and experienced with investigations, and will work hard to protect all of your legal rights, especially if the charges against you are, in reality, false.

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