Houston Sexual Assault Lawyer

Whenever someone is charged with a crime such as sexual assault or a sexual offense of a child, these individuals will not only fall victim to prosecutors who are hostile, but they are also subject to harsh treatment from the general public. In addition, there are even some defense attorneys who will even believe the worst about those individuals accused of these kinds of horrible crimes. Even worse is the fact that you may actually be innocent of these kinds of charges, yet the aftermath will follow you for your entire life.

The Law Office of Collin Evans will represent you if you are unfortunately finding yourself in need of a Houston sexual assault lawyer. Our firm specializes in defending our clients in all kinds of various sex crime charges.

Here are a few of the cases that we specialize in:

*Statutory rape
*Sexual assault
*Aggravated sexual assault
*Child molestation
*Child indecency
*Indecent exposure
*Soliciting a minor online
*Possessing child pornography

The Law Office of Collin Evans will do everything necessary to help prepare you for the trial, from helping with your testimony to determining if there is actually enough credible physical and psychological evidence to convict you of any crime.

Cases involving sex crimes are extremely difficult for anyone involved; however, it is the standard that the State must be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty of anything of this nature. In the end, it is essentially the accuser’s word against the defendant’s word.

At the Law Office of Collin Evans, we firmly believe that a majority of people accused of committing a sex crime are actually innocent of the charges levied against them. Therefore, we believe that they are entitled to receive an extremely strong defense once the case goes to trial. We will do everything necessary to stand up for all of your freedoms and rights throughout this stressful process.

If you or someone you know has been accused of committing a sex crime and need a Houston sexual assault lawyer, don’t hesitate – contact the Law Office of Collin Evans today either by telephone or email in order to receive a 100% free and confidential legal consultation.