How Do I Prepare for a DWI Trial? You made the smart decision to fight your DWI charge. But now what do you do? Here is a breakdown of some things to keep in mind when heading to court:


Chances are you’ve never defended yourself in court before, and if you have, it probably didn’t go well. A DWI attorney is more affordable than you think, and they can ultimately save you time and money in fees. Standing up against a prosecutor on your own, without any training, is not a wise decision.  Especially in cases that involve complex scientific evidence in a breath test or blood test case.

2. Know the Consequences

Understand what the worst-case scenario is for your situation. What are the penalties for DWI in your state? What are the fines? How much time could you end up spending in jail? You’ll appreciate how important it is to win once you know what you are facing.

3. Pick Out What to Wear

First impressions matter and your choice to wear a t-shirt with a huge pot leaf on it is not a good idea. Trial is not the time to make matters worse. At the very least, wear business casual if you don’t own a suit. If you don’t own something appropriate for going to an interview for a job in an office, rent it or borrow it.

4. Help Collect Evidence

Help your attorney help you. Give copies of anything the police gave you, such as a temporary license, to the attorney.  If you know someone has a recording of you on the day you were arrested, hand it over.  Provide contact information for people who were with you.  Many hospitals and doctor’s offices make it difficult to obtain documentation of physical problems that made you look bad on the field sobriety tests.  Assist your attorney with getting your medical records.

5. What to Say in Court for DWI

How Do I Prepare for a DWI Trial? Your attorney is there to help you, so be honest with them. If you have bad facts and you try to hide them, you aren’t you aren’t doing yourself any favors and you are inhibiting your attorney’s ability to represent you.  Your attorney should be fighting for you regardless of whether or not you are ultimately found guilty.  But make sure the lawyer is not blindsided by something in court because you were worried about what they may think about it.

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