How To Get A DWI Dismissed. If you are charged with DWI in the state of Texas, you are facing potentially severe consequences. A DWI charge can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, having to install a breath testing machine in your vehicle, fines and jail time.  A DWI conviction on your record can mean major financial penalties, increased car insurance rates, required DWI education classes, required treatment programs (i.e., rehab) and more. Plus, it will hurt your reputation and negatively impact many aspects of your life. In some cases, DWI charges can be dismissed and these things can be avoided, particularly if you have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. So, how can you get a DWI dismissed? Read on to learn more.

Odds of Getting DWI Dropped

You can fight your Texas DWI charge in court if you hire a DWI lawyer with the skills and experience handling DWI cases to represent you. You might be able to get a dismissal of your DWI depending on the circumstances of your case.  The chief prosecutor in the court is the head person responsible for deciding whether to dismiss or drop the charges. If your criminal defense attorney makes persuasive arguments in court, it is possible to have the charges against you dismissed. Your attorney can fight for a dismissal based on weaknesses in the case being presented by the prosecuting attorney, such as problems with administering field sobriety tests (i.e., roadside balancing tests and pen light in the eye test), improperly collected breath or blood tests, or insufficient evidence. 

Can a DWI Get Thrown Out?

If the prosecutor refuses to drop the DWI charges, you still have a chance to have the case dismissed.  Your attorney can approach the case from a different angle. For instance, the judge can throw out the case for lack of probable cause if the officer pulled you over without a valid legal reason or the officer made mistakes with the paperwork.  In other situations, your attorney might be able to win the case through a motion to the court to suppress any evidence collected illegally by law enforcement officials (i.e., while violating your Constitutional rights via unlawful search and seizure), as well as results of chemical tests that were obtained without following official procedures or protocols.


It is possible to beat a DWI charge in Texas—even with bad facts like an accident or high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results. Depending on the details of your case, there are several legal strategies a reputable DWI criminal defense attorney can use to help you get a DWI case dismissed. Your defense attorney should thoroughly review the details of your case after conducting a proper investigation into the facts and provide you with some options for a defense that could lead to a dismissal, or a reduction in the charges. 

The legal counsel at Collin Evans Law understands the stress of being arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Collin Evans is certified as a Practitioner in the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests that law enforcement makes drivers go through before arresting for DWI.  He also has years of training and education on the science and machines the government uses to analyze breath and blood samples collected from people accused of DWI.  Collin Evans can identify the problems with the government’s case and use it to your advantage. With more than a decade of experience and success at obtaining dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts in Houston and the surrounding area, attorney Collin Evans is ready to advocate for you and help you achieve a positive result in your DWI case. Do not hesitate to reach out to Collin Evans for answers to your questions and valuable legal counsel about your case. For a free consultation, contact Collin Evans Law, online or by phone at 713-225-0650 to discuss how to get a DWI dismissal.