How to Get Someone Out of Jail in Texas

If your loved one has been arrested and placed behind bars, you are undoubtedly worried for him or her, especially as COVID-19 spreads through overcrowded jails and prisons. Hiring a skilled attorney right away is key to possibly securing a jail release. An experienced attorney has knowledge and understanding of the legal system that can help to get the quickest release possible. Here is more information about the process of finding someone who has been jailed and the process for getting him or her released.


When someone is arrested for a crime committed in the Houston, Texas area, he or she will most likely be taken into custody and transported to the Harris County Joint Processing Center in downtown Houston for processing and booking into jail. To secure a release, the first step is to search for the individual who has been arrested. To do this, you can visit the Harris County Sheriff’s Office website and search via the “Online Public District & County Criminal Records Inquiry” page. You can search via system person number (SPN), social security number (SSN), a name with date of birth, or name only.


First and most important, jail calls are recorded and will be used against the accused.  Never ask someone in jail, “What happened?”  That is a conversation to have with a lawyer.  Communicating with someone who is in jail is important for discussing the efforts towards securing a jail release and can be done in several different ways. The best way to communicate a jailed individual is to visit in person.  Unfortunately, unless the visit is from an attorney or some other visitors classified as “essential,” in-person visits have been suspended as a precaution against the transmission of the coronavirus and spread of COVID-19 during the current pandemic. Other ways to make contact with someone who is in jail can include regular mail, limited phone calls, or video visitations depending on where the inmate is housed. (More detailed guidance about communicating with inmates is available on the Harris County Sheriff’s Office website.)


The next step towards securing a jail release is to post bond, which is the amount of money required for someone to be released from jail that has been set by a judge. Once a bond has been set, it can be posted in person with at the Harris County Joint Processing Center (JPC) any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. A bail bondsman can also help with posting a bond for a fee.  Every situation is different and it is important to determine the type of bond before spending any money—the Harris County Sheriff’s Office only accepts cash or surety bonds at the JPC. A personal bond would not require any money—only a promise to appear in court at the next hearing or trial date.  A qualified attorney can guide you if you are unsure of the bond type required.


At the Law Office of Collin Evans, we understand that an arrest of a friend or family member is scary and stressful. And we know that you will have questions about what you can do to secure his or her release. Collin Evans Law is a Houston, Texas-based law practice that you can trust to help you navigate the process. Collin Evans is a knowledgeable attorney with over a decade of experience who is ready to answer any questions you have about your case. If you are in the Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, or Galveston County areas,  contact Collin Evans online or by phone at 713-225-0650 for a free consultation to discuss options for securing a jail release, quickly and with care. Our professional legal team is ready and waiting to help.