Affluenza Teen Mexico – Lawyers for Ethan Couch, the infamous “Affluenza Teen” from Texas, recently stated that they have officially launched an investigation to determine whether or not the 18-year-old may have been unwillingly recently taken to Mexico against his will.

Scott Brown, Couch’s attorney, stated that the possibility that Couch may have been taken to Mexico against his will, was something that was still being investigated. Authorities have alleged that both Couch and his mother, 48-year-old Tonya Couch, fled to Mexico as prosecutors in Texas were in the midst of investigating whether or not Couch violated his probation for a case that stemmed from a drunken driving crash back in 2013, that claimed the lives of four individuals.

A recent court hearing to determine whether or not Couch actually violated his probation and if his case should be transferred to adult court was delayed by the presiding judge not long after it began, as Couch’s attorneys claimed that neither of Couch’s parents had been properly notified about the hearing taking place. No additional hearing was immediately scheduled.

Ethan Couch

Couch’s case drew worldwide attention thanks to an expert who had been called to testify by his attorneys, who argued that Couch had been coddled into a sense of irresponsibility by both of his parents. This condition, according to the expert, is referred to as affluenza.

At the time of the fatal crash, Couch was 16 years old and had a blood-alcohol content that was three times the legal limit for adult drivers. According to investigators, Couch had crashed his truck into a group of individuals who had stopped to assist a motorist who became stranded on the side of the road. Many around the world became angry after the presiding judge in the case sentenced Couch to a total of ten years’ probation. Prosecutors had called for Couch to face jail time for his actions.

In December 2015, both Couch and his mother were captured and detained by authorities in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Tonya Couch has since been deported back to Tarrant County, Texas, where she is charged with preventing the apprehension of a felon. She remains free from jail on bond.

Affluenza Teen Mexico – However, Couch, still remains in a detention center in Mexico City, where he continues to contest his deportation.