Montgomery County No Refusal – This summer you should think twice about drinking and getting behind the wheel in  Montgomery County.  The District Attorney’s Office has partnered with state and local law enforcement to kick off a campaign dubbed “Operation Black Out,” which runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. The goal of the campaign is to expand no refusal operations and driving/boating while intoxicated enforcement throughout the county, in an effort to reduce the risk of fatalities caused by drunk drivers and boaters.

“During the summertime period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we normally see an increase in boater traffic on Lake Conroe and on the roadways surrounding the lake and throughout Montgomery County,” said Tyler Dunman, Montgomery County special crimes bureau chief. “Unfortunately, with an increase in boating related activities, we will see an increase in those that make the poor, potentially fatal decision to drive while intoxicated or operate a boat while intoxicated.”

The Texas Department of Transportation issued a grant to Montgomery County which will fund no refusal periods throughout the entire summer.

A total of ten agencies are participating in this campaign this summer including the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office. Other agencies include: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Public Safety, Montgomery Police Department, Precinct 1 Constables Office, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Precinct 3 Constables Office, Conroe Police Department, Magnolia Police Department, Precinct 4 Constables Office and Splendora Police Department.

“DWI is our most preventable, violent crime in Montgomery County,” Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson said. “It’s an effort that we’ve been trying to address for many years now; we’ve made some progress, but we have the unfortunate statistic of leading the state in DWI fatality crashes—that’s something we’re trying to address today.”

Uber is using the opportunity to earn new customers by offering riders in Montgomery County a discount.  First time Uber users can use the promo code “MOCOSAFE” to receive $15 off their first trip.

“Uber is proud to work with [the] Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and Montgomery County law enforcement to help encourage everyone to play it safe this summer,” Uber Houston general manager David Brightman said. “Drunk driving is completely preventable and we are committed to providing access to a reliable alternative to getting behind the wheel.”

Montgomery County No Refusal – If you did not know about the Uber promotion and unfortunately find yourself charged with a DWI in Montgomery County, give us a call and we’ll fight for you.