Sometimes not even the greatest Montgomery Texas DWI lawyer can help if you continue to repeat the same mistake. 45-year-old Ronnie Paul Hobgood was recently sentenced to 50 years in prison after he was convicted of his sixth DWI in Montgomery County. Records show that his five previous arrests since 1990, resulted in a total of one death, five convictions, and two prison sentences.

According to Hobgood’s lawyer, it was clear that “his fate was sealed” and that his client obviously knew that he would be going to prison for a long time after this most recent arrest. Furthermore, he stated that many people in a similar situation would “whine, beg, or complain,” but that Hobgood did none of that because he knew he would have quite a long time to think about the consequences of what he had done.

Despite the 50-year prison sentence, Hobgood will still be eligible for parole in 25 years when he turns 70-years-old. Prosecutors have brought up the fact that Hobgood’s fourth conviction resulted in a prison sentence of 20 years due to intoxication manslaughter, of which he served 16 years of before being paroled. His fifth conviction caused him to go back to prison before being paroled in 2015.

Hobgood remained out of trouble until this past February, when he crashed into two cars while leaving a Montgomery County bar. Additionally, he also jumped a curb and completely ignored witnesses who attempted to keep him from driving away. Prosecutors noted that this clearly made Hobgood a “danger” to those around him, and that during his February arrest, his blood alcohol level was .272, which is more than three times the legal limit in Texas.

Montgomery County Sixth DWI – Because Hobgood had been in prison two times previously, it made him a habitual offender under Texas state law and the minimum punishment in this case would be 25 years.