First DWI – You are asking yourself, How did this happen to me? WHY did this happen to me? You went out for a celebratory evening with co-workers because your company just closed a huge deal. Although you did not expect to have so much to drink, everyone insisted on those extra shots. You were having a great time, but you drank too much. On your drive home, you were pulled over by the police in downtown Houston and arrested for DWI.

This is very unlike you. You have never experienced this sort of thing before. You always make the best decisions. You are successful, and you are a respectable member of your community. You own a business, have an excellent reputation, and rarely drink. You have had only one ticket in your entire life and it was for an expired state inspection sticker. You never thought you would need a lawyer’s help, especially not for a DWI.

An unexpected occurrence such as a DWI can have serious consequences – financial, psychological, health-related, and otherwise – but Houston-based DWI lawyer, Collin Evans, can help you get back on the road and back to your life. Simply put, no one expects to get a DWI, and although your first one can be a trying ordeal, he is on your side. Collin will defend you thoroughly, ethically, professionally, and according to the laws of the city of Houston, Harris County, and the state of Texas.

There are several other serious consequences one may face when arrested for DWI in Houston, but we want you to know that you do not have to face them alone. You might face time in jail. Your driver’s license might be suspended. You might have to install a breathalyzer in your vehicle. You might be fined and might be put on probation for an extended period of time.

Notice how many times “might” was emphasized. These are only potential consequences of DWI cases in Houston and Harris County. Know for a fact that Collin Evans will fight and work tirelessly to try to make the case go away or at least lessen the severity of these possible consequences. Collin will argue for you, your character, and your reputation.

First DWI – All of this is a lot to bear, but a DWI and its consequences are a burden that The Law Office of Collin Evans is here to help you with. A DWI can potentially lead to the most serious consequences you will ever have to deal, with and a lawyer’s advice is the first and most important thing you need. Contact us today to start rebuilding your reputation, and Collin Evans will stand in front of the government for you, as well as provide the sound legal representation that you and your reputation deserve.