Gave a DWI blood test?

“I gave DWI blood test. What happens now?” If you put the keys in the ignition and start your car in Texas, the law states that you have consented to taking a breath or blood test when an officer arrests you for a crime involving alcohol and driving a vehicle in a public place. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO TAKE A TEST. However, refusing to take a test could potentially affect your license to drive. The officer must read you warnings about the consequences for refusing before asking if you want to give a sample of your breath or blood. If you refuse to voluntarily give a sample of your breath or blood, a police officer can apply for a search warrant to take a sample of your blood.

With a warrant, the officer will then take you to a hospital or a room in the jail where you can be strapped down to a chair. A medical technician then violates your body by jabbing a needle into your arm to obtain a blood sample. The sample is supposed to be sealed after properly mixing the blood with chemicals to preserve it, and the officer will send it to a forensic laboratory for testing.

It does not mean you are guilty just because the prosecutor has blood test results that show alcohol in your system. If you gave DWI blood test, the evidence had to go through several people before it was analyzed. Not all police officers handle biological evidence on a regular basis. Nurses can make mistakes during the blood draw. The government’s expert usually analyzes dozens of samples together on a machine that is not perfect. Gave DWI blood test? There may be a reason to doubt the test results, but you will need a lawyer who knows how to discover potential problems in order to fight the case.

gave dwi blood test
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