Arrested No Refusal Houston – Law enforcement officers throughout Montgomery County arrested almost 90 people over two weekends for driving while intoxicated. Officers were working non-stop to obtain blood withdrawal warrants to test the blood alcohol content of people they had pulled over.

No major crashes caused by drunk driving were reported over the weekend. These no refusal weekends are made possible through the coordination of nurses, prosecutors, officers, investigators and judges. The operation is funded through a grant provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

According to Montgomery County arrest records, over the first weekend 34 people were arrested for DWI, only 12 required a blood warrant. Eight of those 34 arrests were felony arrests, meaning the driver either had at least two prior DWI convictions or was driving with a child.

Twenty-four people landed in jail for the first time because of a DWI charge over this weekend.

The second weekend which included Super Bowl Sunday saw the number arrested nearly double. 53 people were arrested for a DWI with 16 of them requiring blood warrants. 37 people out of the 53 were arrested for their first DWI.

Every year during the Super Bowl driving while intoxicated arrests spike. Not only does this happen during the Super Bowl but during any major sporting events. The use of ‘no refusal’ weekends is spreading across the country during these sporting events.

Arrested No Refusal Houston – You should never drink and drive especially when the traffic will be bad due to major events. The best thing to do is to designate a driver or to call for a ride whether that be a taxi, Lyft or a friend. If you find yourself with a DWI charge give us a call at (713) 225-0650.