DWI Cost In Texas. The impact of a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) allegation on a person’s life is significant. From damage to your reputation to a black mark on your criminal record to the hit on your bank account, the cost of a DWI arrest can be devastating.  A conviction can bring even more consequences. 


For DWI offenses in the state of Texas, there are a variety of associated costs. Immediately following a DWI arrest, you may have to pay for a bond to get out of jail.  After getting released, taking a shower, and then a nap, you will want to go pick up your vehicle from the tow lot.  If a judge orders bond conditions, there are multiple fees and expenses that have to be paid.  Other costs include the fines required under Texas law for a conviction, community supervision fees ordered for probation, pre-trial intervention program fees, and more.


How Much Does It Cost to Get My Car Out of Impound in Texas?


Vehicle towing costs vary, but can be several hundred dollars. In Houston, the tow fee will be significant for the first 20 miles and then another fee per additional mile when your vehicle is towed following a DWI. Impound and storage fees add up as well, averaging $20 per day that have to be paid before the tow yard will release the vehicle.


How Much Does a DWI Bond Cost?


Bail costs can be extremely expensive too. The bail amount is determined based on several considerations, such as past DWI convictions, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the crime, etc. Posting bail can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket.  To get out of jail, you can contract with a bail bondsman to agree to pay the bond on your behalf. At that time, you still have to pay a percentage of the bail to the bondsman for their fee. 


How Much Are DWI Bond Conditions?


Before setting a bond following a DWI arrest, a magistrate judge can order bond conditions for the safety of the community.  The conditions can include no alcohol possession or consumption which can come with requiring an alcohol monitoring device such as an ignition interlock device, a portable breath testing device (In Home machine), or a SCRAM device (ankle monitor).  An interlock ignition device is an apparatus that requires you to take a breath test before you can start your vehicle and will keep it from operating if there is alcohol detected in your system.  The companies that provide and service these machines charge fees for installation, monthly calibration and removal.  Additional bond condition expenses can be monthly supervision fees and fees associated with random urinalysis testing for alcohol and drugs.


How Much Are Court Costs for a DWI Conviction?


Court costs are a concern as well. These charges are for processing your case in a Texas court, and are incurred with a guilty plea or verdict. Payment of court costs becomes your responsibility if you are convicted of DWI. The court cost amounts vary, but can range from a couple to several hundred dollars depending on the details of your case.


How Much Are Fines for a DWI Conviction?

Class B Misdemeanor DWI Texas

Court-imposed fines must also be paid if you are convicted of DWI in Texas. Under state law, you are responsible for these fines as well. The monetary fine for first-time offenders can be as high as $2,000 on a Class B misdemeanor.  This financial penalty can be in addition to the restitution amount in a case involving an accident.   The criminal fine amount increases for a conviction on a DWI 2nd to a maximum of $4,000.  For a third-time DWI, or any offenders convicted of intoxication assault or intoxication manslaughter, the maximum fine can be up to $10,000.  On top of the criminal penalty, the court can impose a traffic fine (assessed upon sentencing). 


How Much Are DWI Probation or Pre-Trial Intervention Conditions?

DWI in Texas Offense Cost

If you are placed on probation for a DWI conviction, there are several conditions the judge can order that add to the expense of a DWI arrest.  Supervision fees paid to the community supervision department typically range from $40-$60 per month.  There are classes such as the DWI Education Program and Victim Impact Panel that have to be paid before attending them. If an assessment determines that you need rehabilitation or counseling, you will have to pay hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars for the services.  The court’s conditions will also involve the requirement of an interlock ignition device in your vehicle or some other alcohol monitoring device. Finally, to get into and participate in a pre-trial intervention or diversion program, there are typically assessment, processing and supervision fees.


These and other possible costs make DWI convictions one of the most expensive crimes in terms of finances. Trying to handle a DWI case on your own can lead to worse financial consequences compared to the cost of hiring an experienced DWI lawyer in Texas.


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