Law enforcement in Texas take driving while intoxicated (DWI) seriously. A third conviction for DWI can result in major consequences, including significant time in prison. It is critical to take a third DWI charge seriously because a conviction for the crime will impact your future considerably. There are a few strategies that may help you avoid or reduce the amount of time you spend in jail if you are convicted of DWI. Here are some things you can do to avoid prison time for a third DWI in the Lone Star State.


First and foremost, you should hire an experienced DWI attorney to help you with your case. A skilled DWI attorney can review the evidence against you and identify any weaknesses that make the case against you difficult for the government to prove. He may be able to get your Texas DWI case dismissed altogether. If not, he can negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charges or penalties, including possibly avoiding jail time via community supervision (more commonly referred to as “probation”).


Cooperating with the court’s bond condition is another important thing to do when attempting to avoid jail time for a third Texas DWI. Showing that you are willing to comply with the judge’s orders, such as not possessing or consuming alcohol, can help you avoid spending time in jail time.  Your lawyer can help guide you with doing all you can according to Texas state laws. If the court knows that you are cooperating with pre-trial supervision, it can positively impact your situation.


Of course, the best way to avoid jail time for a third DWI is to avoid driving while intoxicated in Texas in the first place. However, if you find yourself charged with another DWI offense, you may want to consider looking for extra support.  Voluntarily seeking treatment for substance abuse or addiction can help you make positive changes in your life so you make better choices and avoid legal trouble in the future.  If you already are facing DWI charges again, showing the court that you sought out counseling on your own (i.e., not court ordered) may also go a long way to helping avoid prison time.


Along the same lines, voluntarily attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings can have a positive impact on the outcome of a DWI third case as well.  Your attorney can provide you with a form that you can take with you and ask the leader of each meeting to sign and date for you to verify your attendance.  If you are attending meetings remotely through video chat, you can ask the meeting leader if you can email them the document for their signature.  If there is a problem with getting a signature, simply ask for an email verifying that you attended.  Records of regular attendance at AA, NA, or some other similar counseling/treatment/support group can potentially assist with staying out of prison.  Every case is different though.

Being convicted of a third DWI will always yield negative consequences. If you are worried about the third DWI in Texas punishment you might receive in the Houston, Texas area for your alcohol or drug-related offense, your first step toward fighting your case should be to consult with an experienced attorney who understands Texas DWI law and has success with DWI cases. Criminal defense attorney Collin Evans of Collin Evans Law, PLLC is the Houston, Texas-based legal professional for the job. He has years of experience handling cases involving alcohol-related driving offenses and a record of getting cases dismissed or Not Guilty verdicts for his clients.  Outcomes vary in every case, but Attorney Collin Evans is ready to answer your questions about your 3rd DWI in Texas or any other legal issue you might be facing. Contact Collin Evans Law, PLLC for a free consultation and to learn more about the legal services Mr. Evans can provide to you.